Welcome to the new British Wildlife blog


2014 marks 25 years of British Wildlife magazine. As we approached this milestone, we started to think of ways to celebrate, and to complement the ways in which we already communicate with you, our readership.

Accordingly, this is our new blog, where you will find posts relating to the world of British nature. If you are interested in all or any of the varied wildlife of these islands, and its conservation, do follow us; we will post discerningly and never for the point of posting.

Our first entry, which we will publish tomorrow, is an excerpt from our new contributor Simon Barnes’ first piece for British Wildlife. You will probably know Simon from his books and many years as the treasured sports and nature correspondent for The Times. He will be writing a column every other issue (his will alternate with Mark Avery’s), but this first contribution is a lengthier, searching look at what the next 25 years of conservation in Britain might – and should – bring.

Thanks for joining us here. We hope you enjoy the blog.

Best wishes,
The British Wildlife Publishing Team

PS. If you would like, do follow us on Twitter at @britwildlife as well.

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